Born 1948 Alfred Ullrich is descended from an old Sinti family, which is based in Vienna. Since the seventies he lived in the Munich area. First working as a stagehand and  than in a Munich etching workshop for several years, he began to develop his own etching techniques when he moved to an old farmhouse in Dachau.

For the next years he didn’t take much notice of the concentration camp in his neighborhood . This suddenly changed when he knew that three of his uncles have been detained there for years.

This facts caused an artistic turning point in Ullrich´s oeuvre. Since the year 2000 he began to explore his family background with different artistic mediums like: Performance, environment, photo and video.

Thus his solo- exhibition in the -apartment of art-  Munich will freely roam in this context.

For quite some time Alfred Ullrich and his “Rolling Print Shop” also arranges international etching workshops with members of the Sinti and Roma minority. 

The upcoming workshops will take place on the occasion of a retrospective exhibition of Ullrich´s work at the Documentations and Culture center of German Sinti and Roma in Heidelberg.

Since his participation in the 2nd Roma Pavillon at the  54th Biennale in Venice Alfred Ullrichreached high international recognition.