Birthe Blauth 

(b) 1969

Doctorate in Chinese Studies, Ethnology and European Art History at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Specialist area: iconology, mythology, religious anthropology.



Kunstmuseum Bonn/Germany


Johannesfoyer Saarbrücken/Germany, acquisition of the bishopric Trier



City of Munich, studio sponsorship (2014 - 2017)


Sponsored booth on the UNPAINTED media art fair


ikonotv, Artist Of The Month June


City of Munich, studio sponsorship (2011 - 2014)


Winner of the competition of the bishopric Trier about the best art concept for the lobby and staircase of the Johannesfoyer in Saarbrücken/Germany


Bavarian Studio Sponsorship


BundesGEDOK Kunstpreis, Dr. Theobald Simon Preis


International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), Brooklyn, New York


City of Munich, sponsorship


Gallery Bezirk Oberbayern, catalogue sponsorship


Prinzregent-Luitpold-Foundation, Munich, project sponsorship


City of Munich, travel sponsorship


Rotbuchen Award, second prize


Andreas Art Award


HausderKunstAward, Munich

SHOWS (selection)


Rathausgalerie Kunsthalle, Munich, opening July 10 until Sept 6

GlobalDraw Project, Oude Stadtsgalerij, Heerlen, Netherlands, May/June

The Running Dog, apartment of art, Munich, opening April 11 until May 5 (solo)


IDOL, Künstlerhaus Vienna

KHBi2 – TRANSFER, 2nd KloHäuschen Biennial, Munich, curator Matthias von Tesmar

VECTOR Artists Journal, Issue 4 + 5, editors Peter Gregorio, Javier Barrios, at Printed Matters, The NY Art Book Fair, Moma PS1, New York

VECTOR Artists Journal by VECTOR PRODUCTIONS INC New York, Issue 5, Berlin, launch at Schau Fenster, Berlin

„Hamlet’s Mill“, KloHäuschen Munich, Germany, solo show with video, installation, 24-days-performance, starting Mai 29 at 00:00 am

Kunst im Bau 5, installation in the former engineering workshops of the Isarthal Railway, Munich (curator Christoph Nicolaus)

UNPAINTED media art fair, Munich, lab 3.0: positions of media art (curator Li Zhenhua)


ikono On Air Festival on ikonotv, ikono Menasa and numerous locations in Berlin

Villa Biesental, Berlin, K-Geist 100 Economy Pack

Installation in the studio building of the City of Munich, K-Geist 100 Studio, (with Jutta Burkhardt)


Satellite For Contemporary Art, Platform 3, Munich, Raw Material Artistic Spirit

Repository For Knowledge And Art in the Syntopic Salon, Potsdam, Germany, a collaboration with the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Science

Biennale For One, KloHäuschen Munich, Germany

German Consulate General, New York, Etsi Omnes Ego Non


532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York, USA, The Shadows of the Fire in my Mind, (solo show)

Regensburg New Art Society, Regensburg, Germany, kitchnapping goes shopping

Kunstherberge Birkenau, Munich, Germany, The Driftwood Project (Feb - Mai)

Salon, ISCP Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Künstlerforum Bonn, Germany (solo show)


Open Studios, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), Brooklyn, New York, USA

Gallery Bezirk Oberbayern, Munich, Germany, Et In Arcadia Ego, (solo catalogue)


Ebersberg Art Society, Ebersberg, Germany

Brainwash, performance at St Luke’s Church, Munich

Art Meets Fashion,, Prater Island, Munich


The Medium of Drawing, Great Art Show, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany


The Dark Side of Beauty,, Munich, Germany

real, sortiert, fingiert, Linhof-Gallery, Munich, Germany

Centre for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Goethe Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria


Landshut Art Society, Landshut


Ebersberg Art Society, Ebersberg

art/s/hopping, Munich, Germany, (solo show)


lab 30, Laboratory for Experimental Video and Sound, Kulturhaus abraxas, Augsburg, Germany

The Running Dog

The works of concept and video artist Birthe Blauth question our perceptions and ideas of reality. In 

The Running Dog exhibition at the ‘apartment of art’, she presents some new works, developed in 


Her video animation work Merry-Go-Round focuses on the construction of reality through words. The 

observer is circled by an endlessly revolving room with no door. The room, an office, is in an unusual 

state of order or disorder and contains a bizarre constellation of objects. The walls end at the top 

simply in grey and look as though they have been torn off. Could this be where reality suddenly ends? 

Or is it the grey that’s reality – the reality we ignore? As the video progresses, the names of some of 

the objects appear, drawing our attention to them and giving them some kind of order, highlighting 

them – possibly even making them real? With each turn of the room, however, the objects are named 

and categorised differently, and the more they are named, the less we perceive the room (i.e. reality?) 

itself. In the end the film shows only the names, leaving observers to add in the images themselves. 

Throughout the film a barrel organ plays in the background, repeating its melody over and over, 

sometimes playing slightly out of time, out of tune and, at times, even ridiculously wrongly.

The installation Tea with Madeleine refers to the madeleine episode of Marcel Proust’s In Search of 

Lost Time. In this scene the taste of a madeleine dipped in lime-blossom tea catapults the narrator 

back into a long-forgotten chapter of his past. The present moment is never experienced in isolation; 

far more, everything we see, hear, smell and taste brings back fragments of the past which change the 

way we view and experience the present and our current reality. A single trigger brings to mind 

different relics of the past in different people. This sound installation presents a conversation over tea 

in which both speakers are presented with the same stimulus words. Each one to drifts off into a very 

different world as they follow the word. Their paths then cross again and the next stimulus word is 

presented, causing them to drift apart again.

The images in the Moments series symbolise the way different layers of time fuse simultaneously and 

mutually with each other in our experience. They are reminiscent of those we see in dreams, images 

that feel real to us as we dream them but which we reject as unrealistic when we are awake because 

we are ignorant of the way the realities of different moments merge in our current experience. 

The Running Dog is an architectural ornament that brings together the themes of the three other 

pieces. A continuous piece spans the width of every wall of the room, it represents a rounded ‘wave’ 

motif, which was especially popular in Greek antiquity. It symbolises eternity, the repetition of the 

same thing at different points in time. Or even at the same time. Perhaps everything goes in rounds, 

unchanging, with only minor modifications that we do not notice. The piece is both labyrinth and 

eternity, the same, unapproachable reality, created by words, changing, concealed, constructed, 

structured. And without these words, it’s just a Running Dog.

On show in this exhibition:

 Merry-Go-Round, 2015, projected video animation, 12:15 mins.

 Tea with Madeleine, 2015, sound installation, 4:30 mins, consisting of a table with a pot of lime 

blossom tea, two cups, a plate of madeleines, two stools and two pairs of headphones. Dialogue: 

voice 1 in the right ear, voice 2 in the left.

 Moments, 2015, two images from the series, 120 x 70 cm, Fine Art Prints on hand-made paper, 

140 x 90 cm

 The Running Dog, 2015, 17 x 2100 cm, architectural ornament running around the walls just 

below the ceiling.