Chen Hui-Chiao (陳慧嶠)


Chen Hui-chiao

Feb. 19 1964, Born in Tanshui, Taipei County, Taiwan

1988 to present day: Heads Planning of “IT Park Gallery” Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions

2014 “The Sphere” Apartment der Kunst - apartment of art, Munich, Germany

2012 “Beyond the Tree” Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2011 “The Geometry of Passion” Main Trend Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2008 “The Double Flame” IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2006 “Here and Now” Museum of Contemporary Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

1997 “Smiles of the Skeptic” IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1995 “A Separate Reality” IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1992 “Silent” IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

International Exhibitions

2009 “Everyday Miracles (Extended)”Walter and McBean Galleries, San Francisco Art Institute(SFAI) and REDCAT in Los Angeles

2007 “The 10th International Istanbul Biennial- Not Only Possible, But Also Necessary-Optimism in the age of global war” Istanbul, Turkey

2006 “Pass- Rhythm of the space” Art & Design Center, Nagaya University of Arts, Japan

2005 “Artists at Glenfiddich 05” Glenfiddich Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland

2002 “The Gravity of The Immaterial:Contemporary Art from Taiwan” Total Museum, Seoul, Korea

2002 “Project 1-Pause Conception” Gwangju Biennale 2002, Gwangju, Korea

1999-2000 “Visions of Pluralism-Contemporary art in Taiwan” China Art Museum, Beijing

1999-2000 “Face to Face Contemporary Art From Taiwan” Orange Regional Art Gallery, Orange; Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra; the Sydney College of Arts, Sydney; and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne. Toured to six venues in Australia and New Zealand.

1998-2000 “Inside Out-New Chinese Art” Asia Society in New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, Museo De Arte Contemporaneo in Monterrey, Mexico, and the Tacoma Art Museum in Seattle, and Hong Kong Museum of Art in Hong Kong.

1998 “New Voices: Contemporary Art Dialogue Among Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai” National Taiwan Arts Education Institute, Taipei/Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong

1996 “Osaka Triennale 1996/7th International Contemporary Art Competition” Osaka, Japan

1995 “The Contemporary Art of Taiwan/Art Taiwan” Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Art Gallery of National Canberra University, Wollongang City Art Gallery, Australia

1994 “Taiwan Artists Exhibition” Trigram Gallery, Hong Kong

1994 “Voices from the Edge 10 Chinese Women Artists” Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong 

1990 “Fifth Pusan International Biennal” Pusan Culture Center Art Hall, Pusan, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2013 “Intersecting Vectors—Experimental Projects from the TFAM Collection” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

2013 “Asia Cruise: Isolation” Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2013 "The Power(s) of Local and Elsewhere” Pingtung Art Museum , Pingtung

2012 "YES, TAIWAN - 2012 Taiwan Biennial” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

2012 "Patterns, So Much Fun!" Kaohsiung Children’s Museum of Art, Kaohsiung

2012 "The Room of Her Own" The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung

2012 "Daily Collection of Abstract Play" Art Stock20, Taichung

2010 “Faith by Chen Hui-Chiao & Titarubi” Sakshi Gallery, Taipei

2010 “Variations of Geometric Abstraction in Taiwan's Contemporary Art” Eslite Gallery, Taipei

2009 “Fusion Folks- Contemporary Art Exhibition” Bopiarts- Old Street Cultural Festival, Taipei

2009 “Celebrating 19 Years of Galerie Pierre Gallery” Galerie Pierre Gallery, Taichung

2009 “Duel Regard- The Views from Taiwanese Women's Arts” National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

2008 “SWEETIES: Celebrating 20 Years of IT Park” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

2008 “A Heartbeat of Time: A Group Exhibition of Glenfiddich Resdiency Artists from Taiwan”VT Artsalon, Taipei

2007 “Stroll” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

2005 “Pseudo Hackers'Art in Parallel Zones” Museum of Contemporary Arts, Taipei

2004 “The Multiform Nineties: Taiwan's Art Branches Out” Taipei Fine Arts Museum

2004 “Reading the Labyrinth” Eslite Art Space, Taipei

2002 “Swirling in Light and Shadow- Gazing and Being Gazed Upon” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

2002 “Distant Reality” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

2001 “The Gravity of the Immaterial” The Inaugural Exhibition of Museum of Contemporary Arts, Taipei

2000 “Journey of the Spirit/Taiwanese Woman Artists and Contemporary Representation” Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

2000 “Rest Nest” Leisure Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2000 “pH Series/Alkalinity ” IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2000 “Fear of Water” Taipei Fine Arts Museum 

2000 “The Zone Myth/Between Tenderness and Tension” Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1999 “Contradiction and ambiguous” Kuo Mu Sheng Foundation Art Center, Taipei

1999 “Works on Paper Invitational Exhibition” National Institute of the Arts, Taipei

1999 “Magnetic Writing/Marching Ideas, Works on Paper” IT Park Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

1998 “CHEN, Hui-Chiao & KU, Shih-Yung Two Artists Exhibition” IT Park Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

1998 “Taipei's Backyard” Tsan-Shan Villa, Taipei

1998 “Mind and Spirit/Women's Art in Taiwan” Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1998 “Women's Art One Cycle of Sixty Years” Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei

1997.“IT Park Group Exhibition” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

1995 “Transitional Site” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1994 “The Indescribable Unknown/The IT Park Fund Raising Exhibition ” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1993 “Tradition and Creation” Chinese Floral Arts Foundation, Taipei World Trade Center

1993 “Prosperous Every Year” Galerie Pierre Gallery, Taichung

1993 “An Idea About Flower” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1993 “New Art, New Tribes, Taiwan Art in the Nineties” Hanart Gallery, Taipei

1993 “Female Artists Exhibition” Jun Yeong Art Gallery, Taipei

1993 “Subtropical Plants” Eslite Vision, Taipei/Galerie Pierre Gallery, Taichung

1993 “Culture of Gift Giving” New Phase Art Space, Tainan

1992 “IT Kitsch/Love Gift” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1992 “Artists’ Books” American Cultural Center, Taipei

1992 “The Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

1992 “Wearing Apparel/The Conception” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1992 “Sixteen Ideas for Garbage Arrangement ” Taipei County Cultural Center

1992 “Artist's White Paper ” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1992 “Beginning from the Object” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1992 “Exhibition of Paper Works” Howard Salon, Taipei

1991 “International Mail Art Exhibition” IT Park Gallery Taipei

1991 “Installation in the Bookstore” Eslite Book Store, Taipei

1991 “Group Exhibition of Contemporary Painting” Dimensions Art Gallery, Taipei

1991 “The Circumstance of Reading” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1991 “Taiwan Contemporary Female Artists’ Exhibition” Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei

1991 “Sorcery Exhibition” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1990 “Micro Exhibition” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1990 “Twelve-Man Contemporary Painting Exhibition” Dimensions Art Gallery, Taipei

1990 “IT Park Gallery Opening Exhibition,” IT Park Gallery, Taipei

1987 “Avant-Garde Installation Space” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

Artist Residencies

2005“Artists at Glenfiddich 05”, The Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Scotland

Selected Public Collections

2012 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts 

2010 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

2008 Public Art Commission, “Flitting” MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Station

2007 Main Trend Gallery, Taipei

2005 Public Art Commission, “The Fire from Within” Taipei Muzha Refuse Incineration Plant

2005 Main Trend Gallery, Taipei

2000 Public Art Commission, “Starry Moment” Taipei City Government 

1998 Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong

1998 Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1998 Dimension Endowment of Art

1997 Galerie Pierre Art Gallery, Taichung

1995 PaceWildenstein Gallery Director/Peter Boris, New York

Artist’s Statement

If space is a straight line, then a sphere is an interval.
If space is a two dimensional plane, then a sphere is an expandable disk.

It is a planet that revolves on its own axis, a golden sun, a helix galaxy made up of thousands of star clusters and nebulae.
It is the boundary of an internal space that is both open and closed - whenever we establish such a line, whether it is within ourselves or with others, we create struggle and conflict on either side of the border, leading to collapse and reorganization.

How is one to take restless anxiety and transform it into cold emotion? This is an old commitment and understanding, a minimalistic, calm and unpretentious creative language. It is a readymade object, a fundamental aspect of geometry, a surface made of arcs and colors, something I call sphere movement.